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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 24

Newcastle ..

My dear Mary

You should not have kept a secret from me that you were in want of hay for your cow I inclose you a half Bank post bill for 5 - Canmere(?) will cash it for you and purchase the hay or what I consider would be better for you to buy from him a couple or one hundred of hay (from Canmere(?)) till I gow over to see your purchase I may be with you on Wednesday first if not James will and stop(?) he say(?) a day or two I regret to find your cold is not better but at present it is why have you . (?) not a word to me from you & (page torn) if it was only saying how the buds(?) in the guardin are rising yor brother Robert is here with Jas.he returns after dinner.

Your affectionate husband

W H Martin