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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 32

50 Fleet St

11th March

Dear Willie,

I am now staying at the above address and find myself very cumfortable in it. It was not possable for me to go up last week as I had so much to do. However I have got all settled to my satisfaction. Cunningham did not refuse to give me the money. It was only Scotts nonsense.

I want you to write and let me know how Dick is doing also if Robert is behaving himself any better. You might call with Mr Hyland and see if there is any letters for me, and if there is you could enclose them in yours, and send them to 50 Fleet Street.

I will sail on the 30th of this month but will see you before that as I will have to go up for my things a day or so before. Don't tell anyone when I sail or where I am staying. You might tell my mother that Johnie has arrived at Elsinore, but can get no further with the ice

Wm S. Martin

Johnie is probably his brother John Henry Martin

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