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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 23

7th February

Dear Sir

I am very sorry to give you an answer that must give pain to you but such is my present task And I cannot avoid it - My Daughter has been engaged for some time back to a gentleman whom you must have met frequently in her company Yet believe me she feels flattered by your preference for her. And we all duly appreciate the esteem of so honourable a gentleman so why should we lose you as a friend though she has by the determination of events lost you as a lover We shall be delighted to welcome you at any rate we sincerely wish you well and hope you will soon be blessed with a partner able to appreciate your unquestionable worth

Believe me my Dear Sir

Your sincere friend

George Ambrose

(the following is then written below the above)

The Inspecting Commander RN? Coast Guard Newcastle Co Down
Mr James Toland Bunbeg Letterkenny
Station Master Downpatrick Dundrum Co Down
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