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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 16

(The sequence of pages in this letter is not absolutely certain.) (1st page - top right missing)

Sailors House ….
Belfast ………..

Dear Father

I suppose you were expecting me home ever since my last letter to you but I thought it was better for me to stop until I would pas and it would not be worth while as I would have to be down here on Friday first to give in my papers to the Customhouse and Tuesday next will

(start of page 2 - top right missing)

be the examination so that I will not untill I do pass or un-(?) till any (one tells me I?) did fail (or says I?) have not …….(1/2 words?) I have been stopping out in Thorn Hill these two days and coming in on the train in the morning with dick and walks out in the evenings. But I am still with Mr McNally I told him this day that I thought I would go home this evening and he told me not to go home atall or I would not be minding my work so I think it is better for me to stop the only thing that I missed in the last day was one question on the chart I was up two or three times with Mrs(?) Cunningham but never

(bottom left of page missing)

(2/3 words?..) in and I was in the (2 words?).. office this day and he (2/3 words?).. the(?) Custom(?) house in haste (2/3 words?).. soon and let me (2/3 words?).. at home - is getting (1 word?).. ..(S?)ailors Home - Belfast

(start of page 4) Dec 2 (or See 2? - written at top left of page)

John is come down this day I was asking old Mr Curry last night when he would be wanting John down and he told me he would not be wanting him for a fortnight but the ship would be leaving this for Liverpool on Monday first and that he would …..(botton right of page missing) write for(?) ….(2/3 words?).. he would ….(2/3 words?)… to join him …(2/3 words?).. so that it was …(2 words?)… that wrote …(2/3 words?)…was the son(?) … (2/3 words?)

(This short note was written at right angles over the top of the other writing on page 4)

Tell Aunt Catherine that …. (this part of page missing) Aunt Elizabeth will be up on Monday or Tuesday evening … (this part of page missing)

(The formal ending may have been on the bottom right of page 4. This part of the page is missing)