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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 8

30 Grad……


Dear William

I received ………(1 word?) from Mr. Scott and it …..(1 word?) sufficient to meet my expences and I would like if you could oblidge me with the loan of £5 pounds And you can stop it out of my rents or I shall pay when I return I am going to Melburne and will be away about twelve months I was going to goe in the Great Britain as b……… (1 word?) but I felt getti(ng?) ……(1 word?) bad at the sam(e?) ……..(1/2 words) have had the fe(ver?) …(and?) ague on me ………(1/2 words?) long time now b(ut?) …(I?) shall not ask Mr S(cott?) for any more untill I return to Newcastle again If it is handy to you please to write me by return of post and oblidge don't let any of they friends know how I am situated at the present - hoping you and Annie and Bob are well ……….(1/2 words?) getting better Please ………….(1/3 words?) amount I ask you for a……. (1/2 words) shall oblidge me very much write me by return of post. I send you my directions.

Your aff brother

C S(?) Martin

C S Martin
30 Gradwill Street
of Hanover Street

(note scribbled below above)

send by a Bank order on the Bank of Liverpool and register letter