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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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(Letter with picture on top half of page of a castle in Isle of Man(?) called "Tower Refuge" - Published by M A Quiggin, Douglas Isle of Man - the terms "W Banks" and "W H Lizars") appear at the bottom of the picture)

(all writing very faded)

March 5th

Dear William(?)

We have got your ....... as yet (the rest of this half page is illegible)

(this next page may be the end of the above letter)

to me is your pen broke , we are all at school and well. Father and Mother with Kate will be in Dublin on 26th on way to Newcastle. Father will remain but one week and leave the others to manage there as to the houses for some time Will you send Annie & Aunt over to see our Island home and they can return by Father hoping you are all well.

Yr affect C -

James Martin