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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Saylors Home
Mar. 14th /63

Dear Dada,

I received your kind letter yesterday I was expecting a letter from Annie all last week as I heard from William that you were very buisy at the croping (?). I shall not be able to get over to Newcastle this time as the ship will be ready for sea on the 22nd bound to Calcu(tta?) with iron and salt she is buisy taking in cargo I was up an errant at the office to day and Mr Chism was asking about William he said it would be better for him to stop a little while at home to he would get quite well he did not mention anything about his Indentures or money. I like the J. Chism very well she is a better ship than the John O Gaunt You did not mention if Flora was still living I mean the little dog. I send you the Weekley Mercury also the likeness of the Prince of Wales and his Bride. I sent William a letter on Wednesday eavening I mentioned I would like a little money soe I wrote this eavening for I thought he might be from home. Tell him Loyd is going out as 2nd and Mike as 3rd and old Tom as Boatswain at 2 p. 15. a month. he is working by the ship and is getting one Guinea a week as ship keeper so I would not advise william to come back in the dalmnd mean employ If I had my time out I would not sail one hour in it it is know tea time so I must drop my pen I will drop a few lines before I leave Liverpool. I would like you to write me by return of post as the letter takes 3 dayes before it reaches the home I forgot let me know what Dick is doing.

No more at present

Your affectionate Son

C S Martin

[Charles Stitt Martin
Dick is probably his brother William Richard Martin]