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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 25

(last page of a letter - top right hand side missing - might be same letter as letter 44)

for Catherine from . This is a curious . that the may giv(?). dear of annoyance . the insanely sell off all belonging to any person not an ?????.. after their decease or after they are interred pay themselves after the sale then release the balance left for the benefit of the family if there was not previous a will made Which I am glad to find there was a will made by Jas last year Catherine is as well as could be expected the family are well. I am taking baths & found myself better untill this evening. Be sure to come (if the weather on sea be favourable) soon to see Catherine but not without your father bring Anna also to stop with her hoping you are all well

Your affectionate husband

W H Martin