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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 17

Cowan Lodge
Newcastle Newry

19 May 64

My Dear Charles

I received your very very kind letter & so enormously(?) wished for I am so glad that the p b(?) Order turned up I hope and trust however that the cash reached you in time to make your purchase of an Epitome(?) & do my dear son study it & gain all the information you can as I fear very much you have been greatly neglected by the Captain & your Superior Officers. It is now two years past since I seen you & I would be glad you return this time sure there are a great many ships from Belfast I think three of Mr Currys & others sail to Calcutta the post boy is just passing so I must stop hoping my dear Charles that you may have a happy voyage & good health may you have the blessing of the Almighty God good buy

Your affectionate father

W H Martin