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The Martin Family of Newcastle County Down

Letters found in a wall

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Letter 12

5 Victoria Terrace
Isle of Man
24 Augt 1856

My Dear Mary

You will think strange I did not write to you sooner after my arrival at Douglas. I found myself so nervous likely from the pain of my arms etc that I realy could not however my nefew wrote to you for me. My poor lamented brother died on board the Smack at Cairnryan Bay where the had put in to anchor from or owing to ship of weather during the passage to Lochryan he had became considerably excited and the Captain had some difficulty in restraining him from leaping over-board. He died on Monday morning the 11th inst about 2 OClock. On Tuesday, an examination of the body by order of the Stranraer authorities, took place, when it was found by the Verdict of the Jury that he died of Apoplexy the opinion which the two Doctors gave, who examined and opened the head, the brain showed simptoms of disease and derangement which had existed for some time, & which any spirituous liquor would cause great excitement - the enquiry took place on board the Vessel at Cairnryan in Lochryan, Scotland. at the inquest it did not appear that he had been drinking at the time. Catherine & Mr. Greer accompanyed by her son James had a long fiteaguing journey in search of him to Stranraer upwards of 400 miles previous to their arrival the Coffin had been provided for him & the body was sent to Douglas, the Friday after his death it arrived, and Catherine James & Mr. Greer only reached Douglas the Tuesday night after - There are three Coffins first a fir one next a lead one then placed in a very nice Oak Coffin very nicely mounted poor brothers remains are to be interred tomorrow morning at 10 OClock, in Kirk Bradden? (there is a Kirk Bradden cemetery near Douglas) Cemetery where Catherine has been provided with ground for ever. I walked over to the Cemetery yesterday to see was the Sexton doing the tomb well & secure he pleased me well for so far as he had raised (written over built) the brick he was doing it securely (written over well) with brick and lime morter had also flags stone to place over the top. We got Anna's letter this morning & was glad to hear that you & your father are coming over to the Island to see your much grieved Sister & her to be pitied family perhapse you could prevail on some of your brothers to come with you bring your father over as soon as in your power after receiving this letter also tell your father to bring with him the price of her cow (Cattle) She has seen a great expence gowing over to Scotland upwards of 23 - pounds

(possibly a page missing as there is no conclusion to this letter)