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No. 2

Front Cover: View of the Quoile and Inch Abbey from Roughal Hill, Downpatrick PHOTO William Stranney


  1. Excavations at Dunnyneill Island, Strangford Lough.....Finbar McCormick and Philip Macdonald
    • The 2002-2003 excavations of the larger of two islands northeast of Killyleagh show evidence of medieval period occupation - possibly during the upheavals following John de Courcy's loss of control in the early thirteenth century.
  2. Down from the air.....Noel Mitchel
    • The use of aerial photography in archeological research in County Down.
  3. New Light on an Old Sundial.....William Stranney
    • Tracking down the creator of a unique sundial manufactured in 1796.
  4. The Edge of Darkness: Michael McLaverty's Lecale.....Sophia Hillen
    • Scholarly and affectionate review of the work and personality of one of Ireland's greatest short story writers and novelist.
  5. The Strangford Bus.....Eamon McMullan
    • The townlands and personalities encountered along the way from Downpatrick to Strangford some decades ago, in more leisurely times.
  6. Conversion at Lissara Mills.....James Hawthorne
    • The regeneration of long-neglected industrial buildings for residential use and notes on former usage and on some of the personalities who worked and lived there.
  7. Irish moiled cattle in Lecale.....Gordon Stockdale
    • The story of the successful development of a prize herd of a uniquely Irish cattle breed.
  8. The De Ross Barony since 1806.....Colm Rooney
    • The sixth and final article in a series outlining the history of the de Ros family of Strangford since 1066. The earlier articles appeared in Lecale Miscellany 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 and Lecale Review 2003.
  9. James Dixon's Inventory, 1815.....Brian S. Turner
    • A list of the goods and chattles of a County Down farmer in 1815, including "wheel carrs and grath - 2-5s-6d" and "dung - 2-16s-101/2".
  10. Enterprise and Tourism in Scollockstown, 1925.....William Stranney
    • Tracing the origin of a family photograph taken in 1925.
  11. Stolen Horse Ballyvaston, 1795 .....William Stranney
    • Community solidarity in 1795 in raising a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a horse thief.
  12. Famine fever in Ballywooden.....Brian S. Turner
    • The story of the survival, against the odds, of a baby girl during a widespread attack of 'famine fever'.
  13. Book Notices.....
    • Review of eleven historical publications connected with County Down.
  14. The Heart's Townland.....
    • Edited collection of talks given to the Ulster Local History trust's conference in Monaghan in 2003.
  15. Fatal Accident in Downpatrick.....Downpatrick Recorder 9 Sept 1837
    • A fall from a ship's rigging and its tragic consequence.
  16. Review of the year, 2002/3.....Colm Rooney
    • Some of the main activities of the Society over the past year.
  17. Blue Plaques.....
    • Report on the blue plaques erected by the Ulster History Circle to commemorate two of County Down's eminent personalities.
  18. Lecale Historical Society.....
    • Information about the origins and purpose of the Society and about membership costs and benefits.
  19. Lecale Historical Society: Members 2004/5.....
    • A list of all of the Society members.

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Updated: 17 November 2004