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Front Cover: Cathedral Hill Downpatrick


  1. Message from the President.....F.J.Maxwell
  2. Down Museum - Stage 2.....Dr Brian Turner
    • Work continues with the renovation of the Governor's Residence, there are growing numbers of visitors and substantial funding is received.
  3. Audley's Castle and the Lecale Audleys.....Ann V. Sterrit
    • A short history of of one of the earliest Anglo-Norman families and castle in Lecale.
  4. A piece of oat cake.....Harry Burnett
    • A "boord" with butter and jam!
  5. Quoile Aquatic Sports.....Dick Gifford
    • One hundred years of Summer Regattas on the Quoile.
  6. Wedding Rhymes.....Albert Colmer
    • "Married in January's frost and shine
      Widowed you'll be before your time"...etc. etc
  7. Timber framed Buildings in Ulster.....Dick Oram
    • The evolution of timber frames in Ulster building from the earliest times to the present.
  8. Aodh MacAingil 1571-1626......Maurice Hayes
    • Short history of a seventeenth century Lecale Franciscan who became the first Professor of Philosophy and Divinity at the new Irish College in Louvain.
  9. Assistant Curator for Down Museum.....Albert Colmer
    • Introducing Lesley Simpson.
  10. Childhood Memories of the Houses along the Quay - Strangford.....Harry Burnett
    • Strangford in the nineteen twenties from a childhood perspective.
  11. Seaforde - Murder.....P.J. Killen
    • A robbery, a murder and an execution.
  12. More on the Appointment of Kate Sparrow.....Albert Colmer
    • A photograph of the 'controversial' teacher - See Issue No 3 - 1985
  13. Ordnance Survey Memoir for the Parish of Ballyculter, Co Down.....Transcriber: F.J. Maxwell
    • "Fair Sheets" compiled by Senior Civil Assistant to the Survey.
  14. My Family History.....Jonathan Chambers
    • Twelve generations of the Chambers family of Tullynaskeagh.
  15. Local Customs.....Mary E. Croskery
    • List of local traditions associated with times of the year.
  16. Thomas Russell - The Man from God-Know-Where.....John A. Bryce
    • Short biography of a United Irishman executed and buried in Downpatrick for his part in the failed rebellion of Robert Emmet in 1803.
  17. From Barn to Worse.....Ivor Ray
    • The rise and fall of an Ardglass barn of some architectural merit.
  18. Tales of Long Ago - Strangford.....Eithne Croskerry
    • A poem about Strangford - in 22 stanzas.
  19. Barney Curran's Mill, Sheepland Harbour 1948.....J.D.McCord
    • Pen Drawing
  20. William Crolly, Archbishop of Armagh.....Fr. Ambrose Macauley
    • The ascent of a Ballykinler clergyman to the Primacy of Ireland.
  21. Saul.....Norman Doyle
    • Some ancient features of Saul.
  22. Congratulations.....The Editor
    • To local schools for success in historical projects.
  23. Excavations on Cathedral Hill, Downpatrick.....Nick F. Brannon
    • Evidence of human occupation from 500 BC.
  24. Self Inflicted Crucifixion.....P.J. Lennon
    • One too many leads to the loss of hard earned savings.
  25. Downpatrick.....Edward Parkinson
    • (Paper read before the Down YMCA on 24 March 1893)

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