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Front Cover: Down Cathedral, presently being restored to its former glory. PHOTO: Mourne Observer


  1. From the President.....F.J.Maxwell
  2. P.J. Lennon - A Tribute.....Albert Colmer
  3. Recent Discoveries at Down Cathedral and Quoile Castle.....Nick Brannon
    • Interesting and unexpected discoveries at two of County Down's historic buildings; a possible cruciform structure predating the present structure of Down Cathedral and a cache of Elizabethan silver coins at Quoile Castle.
  4. Down Museum.....Lesley Simpson
    • Recent bequests to the Museum and the build-up of material from a variety of sources.
  5. Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and the Law......DOENI
    • Some comments on the law relating to unauthorised excavation for ancient objects.
  6. A unique Wedding Present.....Patricia McCullough
    • An avenue of lime trees!
  7. The Return of The County Down.....Gerry Cochrane
    • Successful restoration of part of the Belfast & County Down Railway and ambitious plans for the future.
  8. Folklore "The Fairies of 'Piping Rock'".....John Bryce
    • Little folk and their music near Ardglass.
  9. Hauling up "Armyne" for the Winter.....Harry Burnett
    • Methods used in the 1920s for the winter storage of yachts at Strangford.
  10. Hiking the Roads to Make a Living.....P.J. Lennon
    • Reminiscences of some "knights of the road" in Lecale between the Wars.
  11. The Hilda Parnell.....Dick Gifford
    • The spectacular immolation of a small collier at Quoile Quay in 1922.
  12. "Stop the Presses" - "The Hilda Parnell" or "The Hilda".....The Editor
    • A further article promised for a future publication.
  13. Claudius Ptolemaeus and the Picts.....James C. Napier
    • An scholarly approach to Ptolemaeus' Geography casts new light on the origins of of some Irish placenames.
  14. The Fisherman's rest, Ardglass, 1850.....J.D. McCord
    • A pen drawing.
  15. Denver - a Soldier, Lawyer and Editor.....Eithne Croskery
    • The grandson of a United Irishman from Lecale makes a significant contribution to the making of the American West and gives his name to a city.
  16. An attractive cast iron garden seat.....Frank Maxwell
    • Investigating the origins of a design.
  17. Archaeological excavations at Cathedral Hill, Downpatrick, 1986.....Nick Brannon
    • The continuing excavation (first reported in Lecale Miscellany 4 - 1986) of an area earmarked for an extension of the graveyard yields significant artefacts of pre-historic and medieval origin.
  18. 1878 - Those were the days.....Sinead McConville
    • Wages book with details of the weekly and annual emoluments of household and outdoor staff in the de Ros household at Old Court, Strangford.
  19. Dying Trades.....Pat Killen
    • Recollections of some of the lost skills of Lecale.
  20. Port of St Anne (Killough) 1952.....Alex Carroll
    • Campaign for the repair of Killough Harbour.
  21. My Quest for the Strangford Methodists.....Albert Colmer
    • Discovery of, and further information about, "The Old Meeting House" and its restoration.
  22. Downpatrick.....Edward Parkinson
    • Conclusion of a paper read before the Down YMCA on 24 March 1893
  23. New Tourist Amenity for Lecale.....The Editor
    • The opening of a Visitors' Centre at the Quoile Pondage Nature Reserve.
  24. "Old Ardglass".....F.E.Nangle
    • Barrels of herring on the Harbour - 1947
  25. Down Cathedral about year 1778.....
    • Illustration

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