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Front Cover: 'The Mound' or 'Mound of Down', Downpatrick. Photo from the top of Down Cathedral. Photo: David Telford


  1. Review of Society Activities 1984-85 .....Albert Colmer
  2. The Lecale Historical - 10 years old.....Albert Colmer (Editor)
  3. Some Country Houses in Lecale.....John Magee MA ,H,Dip.Ed.
    • The history of a number of local families and their houses.
  4. Places of Historic Interest around NewcastleAlbert Colmer
    • Book Review
  5. The Investigation of a Standing Stone, Demense of Down Townland, County Down.....N.F. Brannon
    • Enquiries about a stone on the Vianstown Road, not recorded in previous surveys.
  6. Memories of Strangford's Potato Export Trade.....H. Burnett
    • How it all worked in the 1920s - from transport, to storage, to final shipping.
  7. The wreck of "The Lady".....M.E. McCord
    • Local story of a tragedy with a humorous twist.
  8. Evacuees stage concert......Mary E. Croskery
    • Gibralterians entertain their local hosts.
  9. Murder Most Foul.....Alys Russell and Anna Bennett
    • The story of a brutal killing in August 1817 in a futile search for gold.
  10. Hanna's Corn Mill, Mill Quarter.....J.D. McCord
    • Pen drawing - about 1950.
  11. The Story of a Street- Market Street, Downpatrick.....Margaret Hayes
    • The birth of a street. "From bog to boutique".
  12. Charles William Russell, President of Maynooth.....Fr. Ambrose Macauley
    • Short biography of a Killough-born clergyman.
  13. "Royal Port of Ardglass" .....Albert Colmer
    • A photo about the 1890s
  14. The Case of the Missing Scales.....Albert Colmer
    • The mysterious disappearance of the scales of justice from Downpatrick Courthouse.
  15. Months of the Year.....Albert Colmer
    • A verse to the months
  16. Tales of Long Ago.....Eithne Croskery
    • A poem of Raholp
  17. The appointment of Kate Sparrow.....P.J. Lennon
    • An unseemly quarrel and its unfortunate impact on a young teacher.
  18. Downpatrick.....Edward Parkinson
    • Continuation from Issue No.2 of a paper read before Down YMCA in 1893.
  19. Excerpts from Rooney's Diary.....J.D. McCord
    • Record of miscellaneous matters and events between 1832 and 1908.
  20. The Late Mr J. Hughes, Ardglass.....Co. Down Spectator 1906
    • The remarkable life of an Ardglass goldminer in California.
  21. The Saint Patrick's Heritage Centre, Downpatrick.....Albert Colmer
    • The official opening of the Centre on 14th August 1984.
  22. 150 Years of Legal Service to the Downpatrick Public.....John McRobert
    • The history of a local legal practice from 1832.
  23. Lecale Farming Society - 1844.....Albert Colmer
    • The proceedings of the Society in 1878.
  24. The Naming of Parts - John O'Donovan.....Brian McAvera
    • An Ordnance Surveyor and his importance for Lecale.
  25. It was not all Dancing at the Ballyclander Ball.....Mary Stewart
    • Follow-up on article in Issue No.1, Page 34.
  26. Rent Roll of the Earl of Ardglass 1669.....Frank. J. Maxwell
    • "A rental of the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Ardglass, his lands for the first half-year as it stands the first day of November 1669"
  27. Location Map showing Standing Stone.....The Editor
    • Map

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