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Front Cover: Ardglass Castle. originally called The Newark, oldest parts date prior to 15th century. West part of building was incorporated in a house built by Lord Charles Fitzgerald about 1790. Now the home of Ardglass Golf Club.


  1. Miscellany - Past and Future.....Introduction by Colm Rooney, Hon. Secretary
  2. The Lecale Historical Society - A place in History.....Richard Oram
    • A review of the development of historical writings and institutions, and the place of the Society in informing and engaging people in the study and preservation of their past.
  3. Compass Hill (Poem).....Ivor Ray
    • An ode to an Ardglass hill.
  4. Man and Nature intertwined - a view from Strangford Narrows.....Alan Johnston
    • Contemplation of nature and history in an area of great natural beauty where human activity has been constant and changing from the earliest times.
  5. Pigsty at Rossglass (Poem).....Ivor Ray
    • "across the sea, beyond Tyrella's strand" an ancient neglected home of porcine ancestors.
  6. Place Names of County Down.....Joyce Gibson
    • The derivation of many of the common place names, from Latin, ancient Irish, Norman and planter roots.
  7. Downpatrick in Racing History.....Al Connolly
    • The origins of the second oldest race course in Ireland.
  8. The Murder Bog.....Willie Crea
    • How the Bog got its name.
  9. An Axe-Head and Ringed Pin from Nendrum, Co. Down.....Cormac Bourke
    • The recent discovery of two artefacts raises issues about the possible continuing functioning of Nendrum Abbey beyond the accepted date of its destruction.
  10. Downpatrick Young Archaeologists Club.....Mike King
    • Mike King reports on the development and first year of a new venture by the Ulster Museum to involve young people in archaeological studies.
  11. "Mother's Pride in Shock of Season".....Lawrence Erskine M.D.
    • Between 1964 and 1981 there was a flowering of interest and participation in a new sporting venture - The Downpatrick Trades Cricket League, designed for those with no cricketing skills! This article follows the fortunes of the league through its formation, existence and demise.
  12. Murnin's Boat Building Workshop.....Kevin McLaverty
    • Affectionate recollections of being taught about woodworking and boats by a master boat builder who used no power tools.
  13. Life savers of Dundrum Bay.....Bill McStay
    • The story of the first lifeboat in Dundrum Bay - at Rossglass, and of its coxswains, crew and rescues.
  14. On Show - Bringing the past to life. Exhibitions at Down County Museum 1981 - 2002.....M. Lesley Simpson
    • The Keeper of Collections provides a comprehensive chronicle of the Museum's permanent and temporary collections since 1981 and looks forward to developments in the next five years.
  15. Home Words and Ballyculter Parish Magazine 1887.....Patricia McCullough
    • A snapshot of a local parish in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, through the medium of a locally provided magazine.
  16. Wee Andy Clarke, the shop owner of Scotch St. Downpatrick.....Eric Malone
    • Affectionate account of a remembered character, small, cranky and comical.
  17. Tiberius, Bishop of Down and Connor, 1489 to 1519.....Submitted by Al Connolly
    • Précis of an article by Revd. James O'Laverty 1904 touching on a 114 year old Bishop of Down.
  18. The de Ros Barony 1513 - 1697.....Colm H.T. Rooney
    • Fourth article in the series chronicling the lineage of a Strangford family.
  19. The Downe Hospital.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • The origins and development of a local infirmary.
  20. The Wesley Memorial, Downpatrick.....Brian S. Turner
    • The dedication of a renewed memorial to John Wesley in Downpatrick on 5 August 2001.
  21. The Stockdales of Ballynarry.....Willie Crea
    • How in Penal Law times a priest fleeing from the redcoats was concealed by a horse!
  22. Magee Collection in St. Mary's University Library, Belfast.....Shiela Fitzpatrick
    • A description of the wide variety of local historical material, lecture notes and references belonging to an eminent teacher and local historian.
  23. A letter from Thomas Russell, Baron Killough to the Duke of Bedford in 1856.....Finbar McCormick
    • After centuries of confiscation and dispossession, the surviving head of a landed catholic family asserts his family's noble lineage.
  24. Finnebrogue's Old Gate Piers - Postscript.....Eileen Halliday
    • Follow up from Issue 19. The gate piers are deemed to be of architectural and historic interest - but there is a sting in the tail.
  25. Memories of shopping in Ardglass in the 1940s.....Peter Davey
    • An affectionate account of a boy's favourite shops in a fishing village where you couldn't buy fish!
  26. The rise and development of Crossgar in the 19th century.....Rev. Dr. W.D. Baillie
    • A detailed account of the personalities and events involved in the growth of a small County Down Village over a period of 100 years.
  27. Ardglass Railway past unearthed......Albert Colmer
    • The accidental discovery of a disused railway line from Ardglass Harbour to Ardglass Station.
  28. "Hear my Voice" at Down County Museum.....Linda McKenna
    • A partnership project with Down Community Arts aims to provide young adults with creative opportunities to express their voice on a range of issues affecting their lives through the medium of the creative and visual arts.
  29. My Plumber Father.....Eric Malone
    • The adventures, and dangers, of a plumber's lot in the early years of the twentieth century.
  30. Index to Lecale Miscellany.....Compiled by Anthony M. Wilson
    • Volumes 1 to 20 1983-2002

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