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Review of the year, 2018 - 2019

A significant Society event took place in September 2018 at the start of this period and was reported in last year's Lecale Review. This was the celebratory dinner in Denvir's Hotel, with guest speaker Dr. Eamon Phoenix, marking the seventieth anniversary of the formation of the Downe Society, later to become part of the joint Lecale & Downe Historical Society. Another event a few weeks earlier was the installation of the new St Patrick's cross opposite the entrance to Down Cathedral. The Society contributed financial support for the project.

The Society's programme of lectures and outings continued to reflect the diverse range of members' interests. Almost fifty members of the Society had a most successful outing in June to Seaforde Estate on a lovely dry summer evening. After a guided tour of the demesne and spectacular gardens, Matthew Forde gave an interesting talk on the history of the estate and the Forde family dating back to the early 17th century. The evening concluded with a light supper.



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