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25 November 2011 Leale Review No 9 was launched on 21 November...> more

12 September 2011: The 2011-2012 Programme is now available... more
...also Lecale News No 28, is now available...> more

17 November 2010 Leale Review No 8 was launched on 15 November...> more

1 November 2010: Lecale Review No 8, 2010 will be launched on Monday 15 November in Down County Museum - 7:00 p.m.

26 August 2010: The 2010-2011 Programme is now available...> more

26 August 2010: Lecale News No 25, is now available...> more

10 May 2010: Lecale News No 24, is now available...> more

14 January 2010: Lecale News No 23, is now available...> more

21 November 2009: Lecale Review No 7, 2009, was launched on Monday 16 November at 7.30 p.m. in Down County Museum...> more

2 November 2009: Lecale Review No 7, 2009, will be launched on Monday 16 November at 7.30 p.m. in Down County Museum...

2 September 2009: The Society's new programme for 2009-2010 has been issued to members...> more. Also the first edition of the new Bulletin 'Lecale and Downe' has been issued... > more

29 August 2009: The Ulster History Circle, in association with Lecale & Downe Historical Society, unveiled a blue plaque in Ardglass in honour of pioneer aviator Joe Gilmore...> more

16 June 2009: Following the agreement of the membership of both societies, the Downe Society and the Lecale Historical Society have formed a new single organisation, the Lecale & Downe Historical Society.

1 May 2009:Lecale News No 21, with news about the AGM on 18 May is now available....> more

1 May 2009:Queen's University, Belfast is hosting a two-day conference on Poverty and Welfare in Ireland c. 1833-1948, on 26-27 June 2009....> more

1 March 2009: The St Patrick's lecture "Down Cathedral" will be given by Fred Rankin, at 7:30pm on Monday 9 March in the Cathedral. Refreshments will be served - all welcome

30 January 2009: The February edition of SEELB E-Bulletin is now available ....> more

13 January 2009: Don't miss Monday 19 January at 7:30pm in the Museum - Berkley Farr will give a talk on 'Down Roads'.

20 December 2008: The complete Census 1911 for County Down will be made available on-line on 23 December ...

2 December 2008: The December edition of SEELB E-Bulletin is now available ....

20 November 2008: The 2008 edition of Lecale Review was launched in Down Museum at 7.30pm on Monday 17 November ....

13 October 2008: Don't forget that the next meeting is in Ardglass on 20 October....

7 October 2008: NI Publication Resource: NIPR issues regular updates of its acquisitions of publications. These are now available here....

30 September 2008: Ships of Lecale: A comprehensive list of ships associated with Lecale, including wrecks, compiled by Ros Davies and researched by Martin Benn is available here....