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Front Cover: View from Down Cathedral over Ballydugan and Hollymount to Slieve Donard


  1. Five Montalto Dynasties.....Horace Reid
    • Based on a lecture given to the Society on 19 February 2018
  2. From Lecale to Lumiar.....Duane Fitzsimons
    • In search of the shrine of St Bridget's scull in Portugal
  3. Post-War Home Guard 1953-1956.....Denis Davis
    • The last of the Downpatrick cadre
  4. History from a Photograph.....William Stranney
    • History of a Scotch Street store
  5. Shipwrecks of the County Down Coast.....Ian Wilson
    • Based on the lecture given to the Society on 20 March 2017
  6. Hollymount House and Estate.....Bill Spence
    • The story of a local estate from the 16th century
  7. Robert Cromie's Writings in the Cycling Press in the 1880s.....Brian Griffin
    • Articles from The Wheel World
  8. The Great Cat of Clough.....Philip Blair
    • How Mount Panther got its name
  9. The McAllen Family & the Gift of Love.....Maureen Donnelly
    • The story of a family
  10. Father Richard Ranaghan.....John McGrath
    • Colomban Missionary ad Movie Maker Priest from Killough
  11. Two Pioneering Lecale Sisters in 19th Century Australia .....Laurie P. Power
    • The story of two orphan Killough sisters who emigrated to different parts of Australia, established families there but never met again.
  12. Has Anybody seen Kelly?.....Brian Turner
    • Any connections to the Isle of man?
  13. 70 years exploring our Heritage.....Philip Blair
    • A brief review of the Society since its inauguration in 1948
  14. Book Notices.....Colm Rooney
    • Review of five books of local historical interest and three local historical periodicals.
  15. Review of the year, 2017-2018..... 
    • Some of the main activities of the Society over the past year.
  16. Notes on contributors
    • Short notes on each of the contributors to the 2016 Lecale Review
  17. A Tribute to Maurice Hayes.....Ronald Buchanan
  18. In Memoriam: Conac Hanna 1922-2018.....Brian Turner
  19. Membership List.....
    • A list of all of the Society members at the end of the membership year.

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Updated: 23 January 2019