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Front Cover: Strangford, with the Castle, Strangford House and Old Court demesne in the background


  1. Lady Mabel Annesley.....Robert Trotter
    • The life and tough times of a local artist
  2. The Carnegie Library, Downpatrick.....Colm Rooney
    • Its origins and early years
  3. Two Very Different Ancestors.....Roderick Downer
    • The Decent and the Foolish Ancestors
  4. The Elusive Brent.....Frederick Pyne
    • Some observations on an annual migration
  5. Keep the Red Flag Flying.....Gerry Dowd
    • Belfast Celebrates Red Army and Navy Day
  6. Knockavalley Mound & Cross Slabs.....Finbar McCormick & Emily Murray
    • Report of an Excavation
  7. The Rise and Fall of the Breadservers.....James Fitzsimons
    • A record of a (not-so-long-ago) bygone age
  8. Another Slice.....Horace Rice
    • A personal recollection
  9. Patricia O'Connor, Killough Playwright.....William Stranney & Valerie Ingram
    • Story of a local writer
  10. Chain of Thoughts.....Alan Johnston
    • A personal recollection
  11. Madeline King-Hall.....Trish McKeown
    • Prolific writer of novel, biographies, historical fiction and more
  12. Three Granite Artefacts Donated to Down County Museum.....Mike King
    • A beehive shaped rotary Quern, a cross slab and a granite holy water stoup
  13. G.F. Savage-Armstrong.....Sheila Duff
    • Forgotten Poet of Down
  14. Some Aspects of Strangford History.....David Maxwell
    • Covering the period from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries
  15. St Patrick's Altar.....Philip Blair
    • Myths and Legends
  16. Knowing Our Place.....Brian Turner
    • How to Study a Townland
  17. Book Notices.....Colm Rooney
    • Review of nine books of local historical interest and several historical periodicals.
  18. Review of the year, 2014-2015.....Wendy Osborne
    • Some of the main activities of the Society over the past year.
  19. Notes on contributors
    • Short notes on each of the contributors to the 2015 Lecale Review
  20. Lecale & Downe Historical Society and Lecale Review.....
    • Information about the origins and purpose of the Society and about membership costs and benefits.
  21. Membership List.....
    • A list of all of the Society members at the end of the membership year.

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Updated: 27 November 2015