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No. 8

Front Cover: Inch Abbey


  1. An Edwardian Wedding Dress.....Patrick Devlin
    • The story of a family heirloom
  2. A Visit to Downpatrick in 1837.....Jonathan Binns
    • Extract from The Miseries and Beauties of Ireland
  3. A Revolutionary Gentleman.....Philip Orr
    • The story of Archibald Hamilton-Rowan
  4. Foundation of the GAA.....Patrick Devlin
    • The Downpatrick Connection
  5. A Postcard in Ireland.....John Killen
    • Its role in world communication
  6. The Wilde Family and Downpatrick.....Maurice Cassidy
    • Connections with the painters and poets
  7. A Gold Bulla of Late Bronze Age.....Richard Warner
    • An Inch discovery in 2008
  8. Erinagh Band.....William Stranney
    • The Glory Days
  9. The Man Who Watched His Own Funeral.....Una Fitzsomons
    • A strange story, commemorated by a plaque
  10. The Neilson Family of County Down.....Roger Blaney
    • The story of a prominent family
  11. Wild Plants of Lecale.....Paul Hackney
    • Interesting plants in the locality
  12. Sir Hans Sloane.....Stanley A. Hawkins
    • His life and Legacy
  13. The Port That Never Was.....Berkley Farr
    • A Quoile Navigation and Drainage Scheme
  14. Changing Face of Downpatrick.....Alan Johnston
    • Contrasting photographs recording change.
  15. The Parkinsons of Ballygally & Downpatrick.....Philip Blair
    • Story of a local family
  16. The Hidden Home of Sam Hanna Bell.....Frederick Pyne
    • Novelist, Short Story Writer and Broadcaster
  17. Ordnance Survey Memoir of Kilclief Parish.....Berkley Farr
    • From the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1833-37
  18. Jack Magee's Library.....Tony Bailie
    • St. Mary's College, Belfast
  19. Book Notices.....Colm Rooney
    • Review of three books of local historical interest and several historical periodicals.
  20. Notes on contributors
    • Short notes on each of the contributors to the 2010 Lecale Review
  21. Review of the year, 2009/10.....Berkley Farr
    • Some of the main activities of the Society over the past year.
  22. Lecale & Downe Historical Society.....
    • Information about the origins and purpose of the Society and about membership costs and benefits.
  23. Lecale Historical Society: Members at 31 March 2010.....
    • A list of all of the Society members at the end of the membership year.
  24. Obituary, Ian Hill.....
    • Tribute to a former Editor

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Updated: 17 November 2010