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Front Cover: Finnebrogue's old gate piers, built probably in the seventeenth century, as viewed from within the driveway


  1. A View of the History of Lecale.....Introduction by Anthony M. Wilson
  2. Diamonds are Forever.....Mike King
    • The meaning and significance of the lozenge symbol in early Christianity-exemplified in the Kilbroney Cross and the Book of Kells.
  3. Finnebrogues old Gate Piers - "the Fairy Gates".....Eileen Halliday
    • The origins of and the myths surrounding two ancient stone piers.
  4. Tidal Power.....Thomas McErlean & Norman Crothers
    • Evidence of Europe's earliest tide-mills, at Nendrum Monastery.
  5. The Haunted Field at Knockavally.....Elizabeth Gibson
    • Strange happenings in a field near Dundrum.
  6. A Stroll along the Quoile with Dick Gifford.....Colm Rooney
    • Personal recollections of the origins and developments of the Quoile Quay area.
  7. No Ordinary Weekend.....Willie Crea
    • Continuing a personal account of childhood in the 1930s.
  8. A Double-sided Hnefatatl Board from Cathedral Hill Downpatrick.....Mark Hall
    • The origins, distribution and dating of a 12th century gaming board excavated at Down Cathedral in 1988 and a description of the game.
  9. The 1932 Patrician Pageant.....Fred Rankin
    • A brief account of the 1932 Pageant at Audleystown to mark the 1500th anniversary of Patrick's arrival in Ireland.
  10. The Story of the de Ros Barony 1285-1513.....Colm HT Rooney
    • Third of a series of articles about the antecedents of the de Ros family of Strangford.
  11. Downpatrick Rifle Club.....Noel Hogg
    • Brief History of the Club - formed in 1902 and petering out in the 1950s.
  12. King John: His Royal Progress Through Ulster 1210.....Anthony M Wilson
    • Account of the King's journeyings (June to August 1210) to establish his authority over the Norman barons in Leinster and Ulster and an in pursuit of a personal vendetta.
  13. Yanks and Tanks.....Stewart Hudson
    • American troops at Ballykinler 1942-1944.
  14. News From the Museum.....M. Lesley Simpson
    • Brief overview of the year's activities at the Museum.
  15. Letter from Francis Edward to Lucy Lascelles.....Finbar McCormick
    • Nineteenth century letters to his half-sister about personal and local matters.
  16. That Strange Day.....Willie Crea
    • An account of the strange funeral of Lord Bangor - 20 November 1950.
  17. The Three Strangford Community Quilts.....Phillis Johnston
    • The story of three quilts.
  18. The Lecale Historical Society Archives.....Colm HT Rooney
    • Deposition of the archives in the Down Museum.
  19. Sources For Schools: The Famine in County Down.....Linda McKenna
    • The development of two school resource packs for Key Stages Two and Three on the history of The Famine in County Down.
  20. Celebrations After the Ending of The Great War: A Photograph from 1919.....Lawerence Erskine MD
    • Report of the Peace Celebrations in Downpatrick on 19 July 1919 plus interesting commentary on an old photograph.
  21. Happy Memories of the Shield Cinema, Ardglass.....Peter Davey
    • Happy recollections of carefree days at the pictures.
  22. The Last Teacher of Hollymount School.....Eric Malone
    • Recollections of a small community school which closed ver 50 years ago.
  23. "Lost" Memorial Pillar at Aíne's Grave.....Albert Colmer
    • Poignant story of a tragedy near Bright.

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