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Front Cover: Castle Ward, Tower House, of the late 16th or early 17th century. Probably built by Nicholas Ward, Surveyor to Ordnance 1599-1602. PHOTO: Courtesy of Albert W.K. Colmer


  1. The future of the Lecale Historical Society - A personal view.....Anthony M. Wilson
  2. Problems of identity.....Dr James Hawthorne CBE
    • One man's journey of discovery of Lecale.
  3. The early years of the National Schools at Bright, Rossglass and Killough.....Finbar McCormick
    • The interesting, and sometimes controversial history of three local schools.
  4. Aodh Mac Aingil. Downpatrick's most illustrious son?.....James C. Napier
    • More (see Lecale Miscellany No.2 - 1986) on the Downpatrick cleric who became (briefly) Archbishop of Armagh in 1616.
  5. Bob McClurg. A soldier from Crossgar.....Willie Crea
    • The courage of a Crossgar rifleman in the Great War - and on the roof of Teconnaught Chapel.
  6. The built heritage.....Nick Brannon
    • The legislative and administrative framework for the preservation of ancient monuments, with particular reference to the Built Heritage.
  7. The Morrisons of Irish Street.....Tom Morrison
    • 200 years of Irish Street, some family associations and a Viking connection.
  8. Denvirs.....Dick Oram
    • The 360 year-long story of a hotel, its proprietors, patrons and legends.
  9. The McCoubrey Manifesto.....Hugh Press
    • A 1905 Screaming Lord Sutch?
  10. Compass Hill Ardglass.....Ivor Ray
    • A compass rose on a golf course.
  11. Photography, Elliotts & Earthquake.....Alan Johnston
    • The evolution of the Strangford Camera Club and other matters.
  12. Aerial photography and inter-tidal archaeology in Northern Ireland.....Brian Williams
    • The use of aerial photography in the identification of inter-tidal sites of historic interest.
  13. The Nature Train.....Willie Crea
    • Migratory birds in the Downpatrick marshes before the drainage scheme of the late 1950s.
  14. The Origins of the deRos family.....Colm H.T. Rooney
    • The Norman origins of a Strangford family.
  15. Ardglass Harbour.....Ian Gilchrist
    • Line drawing
  16. Diamond cross.....Peter Davey
    • A tale of two cobblers.
  17. Milling at mill Quarter. Hanna's Mill.....Albert Colmer
    • Events and transitions in the life of a Kilclief cornmill.
  18. Irish flax developments at Annesborough.....Dr. Kathleen Rankin
    • A promising new approach to flax processing falls foul of a Middle East conflict.
  19. Into the new millennium with Down County Museum.....Lesley Simpson
    • The Museum anticipates the new millennium and provides images from previous millennia from among its collection.
  20. The Down Survey of Lecale.....Al Connolly
    • A record of the maps of Lecale produced by the Down Survey commissioned in 1652.
  21. Index to Lecale Miscellany.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • Volumes 1 to 16

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