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Front Cover: The Governor's House or gatehouse of the Union Workhouse, with datestone 1841, built by John Lynn. The relief of the poor had been the subject of Parliamentary attention for many years, and under the Poor Relief (Ireland) Act 1838, a Union Workhouse was to be built at a cost of 7,500, with accommodation for up to 1000 inmates.


  1. Message from our Chairman.....Fred Rankin
  2. Editorial Comment - The Time is Short.....Albert Colmer
    • On the decision to erect a heritage centre below the Southwell Building.
  3. A Review of Archaeological Excavations at
    IDB Development Site, Belfast Road, Downpatrick
    .....Ciara McManus
    • A report on the outcome of the excavations records plentiful evidence of human occupation spanning more than 6000 years.
  4. The Home Guard.....Willie Crea
    • Memories of the recruitment, training and deployment of the Home Guard in the Ardglass area.
  5. Downpatrick, Armagh and Clougher.....Richard Warner
    • Discussion of the connections between St Patrick and a king, Eochu, who lived at Clohar (Clougher) Co. Tyrone.
  6. 50th Anniversary of the NHS - Some Dental Memories.....Peter Davey
    • Primative dental practices in Ardglass.
  7. Time Tean did Cathedral Hill.....Tim Taylor and Mick Ashton
    • Report on the 3 day excavation reveals significant finds and a disappointment.
  8. From the Cradle to the Grave.....Albert Colmer
    • An Exhibition in Down County Museum of pre-NHS healthcare - to mark the 50th Anniversary of its creation.
  9. Linen in Lecale.....Dr Kathleen Rankin
    • The history of the manufacture of linen in Downpatrick from the 13th Century.
  10. Leonard Trochear of Castlewellan.....Gloria Lewis
    • Memories of a seafaring clog maker from Whitehaven who settled in Castlewellan.
  11. Musings on the Past.....Dick Gifford
    • The "musings" of a organ from its position in the Great Hall of the Downshire Hospital - a poem in two parts.
  12. The Rise and Fall of the Steamship Victoria.....Barbara J.N. Wood
    • The commissioning, early enthusiasm for and ultimate failure of a locally conceived maritime venture.
  13. J.F.R Martin, Racing Motor Cyclist.....Linda M. Ballard
    • The 1930s racing career of a local enthusiast.
  14. The Milk Industry in Ardglass during my childhood days.....Peter Davey
    • Milk production in Ardglass in the 1930s.
  15. "The Lands of the Cross of Holy Trinity, Dublin, in Lechaathel".....Al Connolly
    • Land grants, dating from the time of John de Courcy, in respect of Ballykinler parish.
  16. From Shepherd's Crook to Pastoral Staff.....Cormac Bourke
    • The Crook as Christian emblem of ecclesiastical authority.
  17. Summer Holidays at Coney Island in the nineteen-twenties.....Professor C.P. Adams
    • Fond memories og glorious two-month holiday spent among the "fleshpots" of Coney Island in Lecale.
  18. Change for Ballynoe, Killough and Ardglass.....Bill McStayr
    • The last days of a local railway.
  19. Down County Museum - Review of Collections and Activities.....M. Lesley Simpson
    • The Keeper of Collections outlines the major Exhibitions of the year, including "When Down was Up" commemorating the events in the County during the Rebellion of 1798.
  20. Can You Help?.....Albert Colmer
    • Looking for Mr H.W. Gracey (signature on a Dictionary in 1884).

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