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Front Cover: Strangford Presbyterian Church. PHOTO: Courtesy of Albert Colmer


  1. The Chairman Writes.....Fred Rankin
  2. Tribute - to Mr Harry Burnett.....Albert Colmer
  3. Strangford Presbyterian Church celebrates its 150th Anniversary.....Albert Colmer
    • Photograph and comment.
  4. Viking Invasion at Down County Museum.....Linda McKenna
    • A successful programme of events organised by Down County Museum to promote understanding of Viking life and culture.
  5. Killough 1720-1760.....Hazel Iris Radcliffe
    • Detailed essay on the development of the village with the active involvement of Michael Ward of Castleward.
  6. Isabella's Tower and the Ward of Ardglass.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • The story of the location, construction and ownership of a tower in Ardglass.
  7. Inter-tidal archaeology in Strangford Lough.....Brian Williams
    • Aerial photography and fieldwork reveal evidence of inter-tidal activities in the lough extending over 8000 years of human settlement.
  8. Lecale Historical Society celebration dinner.....John Carroll
    • A poem
  9. School days in Ardglass.....John Ritchie
    • Fond memories of long-ago days, people and places, by a retired teacher.
  10. Dovecotes in Lecale.....Frank Maxwell & Gwen Buchanan
    • A few remaining examples of a former food source
  11. Did you know?.....John Carroll
    • ...the origin of the word "dunce"?
  12. Lecale Buildings Preservation Trust.....Albert Colmer
    • The imminent launch of a new resource in the restoration of threatened heritage buildings.
  13. Memories of the Ballyhornan/Ardglass pony trap express.....Peter Davey
    • ...and only one or two horsepower.
  14. Vernacular Buildings Working Group.....Albert Colmer
    • A new group to carry out fieldwork, surveying and recording the remaining buildings in the area.
  15. Ardglass Wells - a primary source for historical study?.....Albert Colmer
    • Two wells examined - one discovered, one recovered.
  16. Buildings at risk Vol 3.....Albert Colmer
    • Publication by the Ulster Architectural History Society.
  17. Joe McGrath of Ballywooden.....Willie Crea
    • A mechanical genius and original thinker.
  18. The cross in my pocket.....Robin Gill
    • The transformation of a lump of 9000 year old bog oak unearthed near Ardglass.
  19. The Gowrie conspiracy and the Trotters of Down.....John Magee
    • The origins, rise, fall, rise and fall again of a once powerful and influential Downpatrick Family.
  20. Parish Priest hopes for return of lost bell.....Albert Colmer
    • A bronze replica of St Patrick's Bell vanishes from Slieve Padraig.
  21. Duty on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean.....James Curran
    • Spuds from Lecale travel 14,000 miles to be peeled.
  22. A zoomorphic penannular brooch from County Down.....Cormac Bourke
    • A non-provenanced early middle age Irish brooch.
  23. Preserving our heritage.....Jill Kerr
    • The challenges of preserving the more than 7000 objects in the care of the Museum
  24. Tabula Memorum (Conclusion).....Al Connoly
    • The final abstract of the names of Catholic Clergy who were born in or ministered in Lecale between 1595 and 1895.
  25. The Lecale Historical Society Programme of Meetings 1996-1997.....Albert Colmer
    • Planned Events for the year ahead.1
  26. Archeological dig, Scotch Street, Downpatrick .....Albert Colmer
    • Photograph- Director of the excavation with local residents.

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