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Cover of the 1994 edition of Lecale Miscellany


  1. Message from the President.....R.H. Buchanan
  2. Tribute to Mr Jack Magee.....Albert Colmer
  3. Oldcourt Chapel. Strangford.....W.E. Kennedy
    • Note, with photographs, about a private chapel, in continuous use for over 360 years.
  4. St. Patrick's Catholic Church.....Conac Hanna
    • The origins and development of Downpatrick's main Catholic Church.
  5. A Corbel Pig Crew at Loughanlea (Pen drawing).....M.E. McCord
    • A pencil drawing.
  6. Ardtole Church, Ardglass (Pen drawing).....Ian Gilghrist
    • A pencil drawing
  7. Down High School's First Headmaster.....Eric Malone
    • Footnote on the article in LM No. 10 about the history of the High School.
  8. Down County Museum's Tenth Anniversary.....Lesley Simpson
    • Short article about the Museum's formative years.
  9. Losing a Heritage.....Dick Oram
    • The steady decline in the number of habitable vernacular buildings in County Down.
  10. Earning a Living in Strangford in the 1930s.....P.J. Lennon
    • Memories of grand houses and those who served in them and of the working conditions of the ordinary people of Lecale in "the hungry thirties".
  11. Ardglass Railway Station in its last few years.....Peter Davey
    • Fond youthful memories of the personalities who managed the local railway terminal in its final years.
  12. A Downpatrick Rental of 1762.....Fred Rankin
    • Continuation - from LM No 10 - the Rental List of the Southwell Estate.
  13. "Murder Most Foul".....Gerard Lennon
    • Further material on the escape, recapture, trial and transportation of Archibald Lenaghan, charged with the murder of Adam Heslip in August 1817. See also LM 1985 and LM 1993.
  14. The Downpatrick War Memorial.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • Further information about the Downpatrick men who perished or were wounded in the Great War. See previous articles in LM No. 11.
  15. Inch Abbey.....Albert Colmer
    • Correspondence about an article in LM No. 9.
  16. The Gibralterians in County Down.....Mary E. Croskery
    • Some photographs of evacuees from London. See also LM No. 3, page 6.
  17. Preliminary Report on Archaeological work in
    the River Quoile at Inch Abbey, 1991-92
    .....Claire Foley
    • The discovery of two oak timbers leads to speculation about a bridge between Inch Abbey and Downpatrick not previously suspected.
  18. The Emigrant's Stile.....Albert Colmer
    • The origins of the famous song "The Irish Immigrant".
  19. Registering my Beeboles.....Harry Burnett
    • Ancient form of beehive in the garden wall of a country cottage.
  20. Who was Francis Chambers?.....Frank Maxwell
    • Plea for information about the nineteenth century author of "Anecdote of Tobermoney".
  21. Wartime letter found after 50 years.....Albert Colmer
    • Story of a letter lost for fifty years.
  22. Book Review.....Rt Rev Monsignor Joseph Maguire
    • On "William Crolly - Archbishop of Armagh 1835-1849".
  23. Tabula Memorium (Continued).....Al Connolly
    • An abstract of the names of Catholic Clergy who were born in or ministered in Lecale between 1595 and 1895.
  24. The Down Petition - a Note.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • An alternative theory on the date and royal recipient of the document sent to an unnamed king.

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