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Front Cover: Cell Block restored 1991: Photo: Courtesy of Down County Museum


  1. The Cell Block is open.....Albert Colmer
  2. The Methodist Connexion.....Brian Turner
    • A web of circumstances links a reformed eighteenth century highwayman with the growth of Methodism in Lecale.
  3. Whose Past is it Anyway.....Nick Brandon
    • Note on the need for more effective laws to protect our heritage from unauthorised detectorists (people with metal detectors).
  4. The Case of the Missing Tombstone.....Albert Colmer
    • See next article.
  5. Thomas Jackson: Minister of Downpatrick 1700 - 1708.....Rev. Dr. A.W. Godfrey Brown
    • The discovery of the life and early death of a long-forgotten Minister.
  6. Downpatrick's Dungeons Discovered.....Maureen Hunter
    • The history of Downpatrick Courthouse from 1737 to the present.
  7. Balloo House: A House and its People.....Lesley Simpson
    • The history of a Georgian house and the people who lived in it.
  8. Ballykinler and Tyrella.....Al Connoly
    • The history of two townlands, through one of which John de Courcy invaded Lecale in 1177.
  9. Ann Morrison - from Downpatrick to Australia.....Gerard Lennon
    • The story of a Downpatrick girl transported to Australia in 1822 and how she prospered there.
  10. More on Alex Millar of Ballyclander fame.....George McKibben
    • A joke from New Zealand.
  11. Earning a living in Strangford over 60 years ago......P.J. Lennon
    • Lean times, casual work and hard graft.
  12. The Cross beside Down Cathedral: A modest proposal.....Cormac Bourke
    • Suggestions for the preservation of a deteriorating historic artefact.
  13. Fun, Facts and Fancies from the Down Recorder 80 years ago......
  14. The South Down Militia.....Dick Gifford
    • Reproduction of an illustrated booklet given to new recruits to the militia over 80 years ago.
  15. The Down Petition.....Fred Rankin
    • A new interpretation of an undated 15th century petition to an unnamed King.
  16. St. Dymphna's Graveyard, Downpatrick.....Albert Colmer
    • Some notes about Saint Dymphna.
  17. William "Bulldog" Young, Coastguard and Harbourmaster at Ardglass, Co. Down.....Ivor Ray
    • The story of a Donaghadee man with the sea in his blood who made a significant contribution to the social life of Ardglass.
  18. Cowd Castle.....J.D. McCord
    • Pen drawing
  19. Lords of Downpatrick 1512-1617.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • A description of the town at the end of the 13th century and some of the principal personalities involved in its civic and ecclesiastical affairs over the following three hundred years.
  20. Inch Abbey.....John McRobert
    • A short history of the Abbey and its predecessor monastery on the same site.
  21. Photographs then and now.....Alan Johnston
    • Note of a project to produce up-to-date versions of Irish scenes held in the Lawrence Collection, accompanied by "then and now" photographs of Scotch Street Downpatrick.

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