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Front Cover: King's Castle, Ardglass, presently restored as a nursing home.


  1. The President Writes.....Dick Gifford
  2. Get Well Soon, Alan.....Albert Colmer
  3. Museum Assistant for Down Museum.....Albert Colmer
  4. Down Museum.....Gerard Lennon (Community Education Officer, Down Museum
    • Report of progress with the development of the Museum, notes on visitors numbers and origins and an account of the amount and variety of donations to the growing collection.
  5. Notes on the Relics of Patrick.....Cormac Bourke
    • Comment on the cult of relics in the medieval church and details of a number of relics associated with Saint Patrick.
  6. Letter to Patrick Joseph McGreevy of Saul.....Submitted by Mary Croskery
    • Friendly advice for a 19th century priestly noviciate from a future Bishop of Down and Connor.
  7. The Navan Fort Field Trip.....Pat McCullough
    • Lecale Historical Society visit an ancient Gaelic site in County Armagh.
  8. Education in Downpatrick.....Dick Gifford
    • An account of the origins and history of the Southwell Schools.
  9. Not Just a Load of Old Bones: The Human and Animal remains from the Cathedral Hill Excavations, Downpatrick.....Nick Brannon
    • Third article on the excavations at Down Cathedral (see Lecale Miscellany No. 4 1986 and No. 5 1987). A report of the post-excavation analysis of the human and animal remains from the site.
  10. Patrick Dorrian, Bishop of Down and Connor 1865-1885.....Fr. Ambrose Macaulay
    • Short biography of a Downpatrick born Bishop who, in his 25-year episcopate, provided many churches, monasteries, convents, schools and other facilities to serve the needs of a large and diverse diocese.
  11. An Ecclesiastical Trial.....W.E. Kennedy
    • How not to go about removing a "turbulent priest".
  12. Isabella's Tower, Ardglass.....John Bradshaw
    • Pen drawing
  13. Lord and Lady deRos.....Michael McConville
    • A short biography.
  14. A King's Castle - In Name Only.....Albert Colmer
    • The history of a 14th century castle to the present day.
  15. Letter from Francis Hutchinson, Bishop of Down and Connor 1732.....F. Rankin
    • A diplomatic response to a begging letter.
  16. John deCourcy and the Battle of Down 1177.....Anthony M. Wilson
    • A short account of two bloody and decisive battles between the invading Anglo Normans and the native Irish clans in Downpatrick in 1177.
  17. Will Souterrain be Saved?.....Albert Colmer
  18. Some Tobacco Pipes in Down Museum.....M. Lesley Simpson
    • Examples of some 17th, 18th and 19th century clay pipes found in Lecale.
  19. The Royal South Down Militia.....Dick Gifford
    • Poem about "..the South Down Mileeshy is the terror of the land".
  20. Paths for the People.....Paul Canavan
    • Notes about public pathways and the legal basis of rights of way in the countryside.
  21. Murnin's Boat House.....May Johnston
    • Affectionate recollections about a well-known boat building family in Strangford.
  22. Calling New Members.....Th Editor
    • An appeal for new members to join the Society.
  23. Memories of School Days in Strangford.....Harry Burnett
    • Experiences of school days in the 1920s.
  24. Bathing House at Luke's Fort.....J.D. McCord
    • Pen drawing
  25. Book Reviews.....The Editor

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