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Front Cover: Inch Abbey near Downpatrick. 12th Century Cistercian Abbey founded by John deCourcy, Norman Conquerer of Down. Earliest surviving Gothic building in Ireland.


  1. Message From the Past President.....Frank Maxwell
  2. D.J. McNeill - A Tribute.....Albert Colmer
  3. Archeological Excavations at Cathedral Hill, Downpatrick 1987.....Nick Brannon
    • Record of the third and final excavation on the Hill leads to the downgrading of the site as one of the earliest pre-historic sites in Ireland.
  4. St. Patrick's day at Down Museum.....Gerard Lennon
    • A colourful and successful day at the St. Patrick's Heritage Center in the Museum.
  5. Down Museum - The Governor's Residence.....Dr Brian. S. Turner
    • The formal opening of the refurbished building housing three air-conditioned galleries, reception and shop.
  6. Haymaking in the early 1900s.....Pat Killen
    • Reaping and processing hay before the advent of mechanical methods.
  7. The Eye of Ardglass: Belvedere, Date, about 1800.....J.D. McCord
    • A pen drawing
  8. The Lead Mine at Castleward.....Harry Burnett
    • An ultimately unsuccessful local business enterprise.
  9. The History of Kilclief Church.....Alan Johnston
    • The long and troubled history of a local place of worship.
  10. When the Gas Lamps Lit Up The Mall.....Submitted by The Editor
    • Photograph of the Downpatrick Masonic Hall in the early 1900s.
  11. Lead Mines in the Barony of Lecale.....Harry Burnett
    • A nineteenth century account of 12 local lead mines in Lecale.
  12. Sodisinam.....J.C. Napier
    • An ancient 'typo' points to the presence of Irish geographic manuscripts in North Italy in the seventh century.
  13. Horse Power in the Early 1900s.....Submitted by The Editor
    • A photograph of a confusion of horses, carts and donkeys.
  14. A Short History of "Our Lady Star Of The Sea" Church, Strangford.....Michael McConville
    • A new church arises from the ashes of the old.
  15. A romantic View of Inch Abbey, Monastic Site on the Banks of the Quoile.....Albert Colmer
    • Facts and legends of the ruined Cistercian abbey on the bank of the River Quoile.
  16. Downpatrick World War II Air-Men Honoured.....Cona Hanna
    • Civic receptions for two local war heros.
  17. A Link With Livingstone.....W.E. Kennedy
    • A Devon naval carpenter, settled in Strangford, and his links with the famous explorer.
  18. An Enamelled Cruet From Grangewalls, Co Down.....Cormac Bourke and Frank Maxwell
    • An early thirteenth century Limoges liturgical vessel plowed up in a local field identifies a possible church building previously unknown.
  19. A Ballad of Ardglass (Post Card).....Submitted by The Editor
    • You can sing it to the air of "The Homes of Donegal".
  20. "The Hilda Parnell" or "The Hilda" over 30 years ago......Albert Colmer
    • 1956 photograph of the hulk against the background of the still tidal Quoile estuary.
  21. Lecale Miscellany (1983-1987) Index.....Compiled by The Editor
    • Contents of the first five publications.
  22. Calling New Members.....The Editor
  23. New Lecale Postcards.....Issued by Alan Johnston

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