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Front Cover: Birds eye view of the old Down County Gaol at the Mall, Downpatrick as it appeared soon after its construction in 1789-1796. The building is now to be restored as the headquarters of the Down Museum.


  1. A Timely Warning.....Albert Colmer
  2. Down Museum and St Patrick's Heritage Centre.....Albert Colmer (Editor)
  3. There are Beeboles at the bottom of our Garden.....Harry Burnett
    • An ancient form of beehive in a country garden.
  4. Corbelled pig-stye
    • A photograph.
  5. Early Methodism in Strangford.....W.E. Kennedy
    • The establishment and early tribulations of a local Methodist community..
  6. McGuinness Clan Gathering.....Albert Colmer
    • Notice about the first gathering of the McGuinness Clan by the Irish Genealogical Society.
  7. Churchyards and Graveyards.....Prof. R.S.J.Clarke
    • The use of gravestones down the ages, from the earliest pre-christian passage graves and cairns, to modern times.
  8. Denvir's Hotel, English St Downpatrick.....Maurice N. Hayes
    • The history of the hotel since 1641, when it was first built.
  9. Mussenden rides again......M.B.McCord
    • Comment on a story in Issue No. 1, Page 24.
  10. William Johnston of Ballykilbeg (1829-1902).....S.E.Long
    • Portrait of a controversial politician, character, orangeman and journalist.
  11. A Terrible night.....P.J.McKillen
    • Recollections of a thunderstorm in 1926.
  12. Excavation of Rathmullan Mound, 1978.....C.J. Lynne
    • Report of the Excavation reveals evidence of occupation over a millennium.
  13. Tracing Family History.....Kathleen Neill
    • Guidance on the preparation of a family tree.
  14. Mound of Down.....Marion Meek
    • The preservation of a long neglected historic monument..
  15. Fonts and other Hallowed Stones.....Ann Hamlin
    • Follow-up on "Font Find", (Issue No.1, Page 46) and additional information on other hollowed stones in Down.
  16. Church Records.....Dick Gifford
    • Extracts from the Minute Book of Saul Church 1874.
  17. Memoirs of Ballee Parish, Co Down.....F.J. Maxwell
    • Compiled by Lieut. Remmington RE 1834. Describes the locality, extent, cultivation, topological and biological features, climate, population, religion, economic status and habits of the population etc, of one Co Down Parish.
  18. Months of the Year.....Isobel Cree
  19. Prehistoric Monuments.....Eithne Croskerry
    • Bronze Age decorated stones in Ballystokes.
  20. Ribbentrop on Strangford Lough.....Harry Burnette
    • When the German Ambassador to London almost drowned during a yacht race.
  21. Airs Reels and Jigs.....Isobel Cree
    • How to play at the correct pace; advice from 1872..
  22. The Stranger eyes Lecale......Fred Heatley
    • Lecale through other eyes.
  23. Old Quoile Floodgates, 1935.....J.D. McCord
  24. Local words, expressions, and their meanings.....Mary E. Croskery
    • Examples of the local dialect.
  25. Recent Finds of Medieval and Later Date from County Down.....M.L. Simpson
    • Cauldrons and clay pipes and what they can tell us about our past.
  26. The Assembly Rooms, Downpatrick.....Albert Colmer
    • The origins of "The Town Hall".
  27. What Useful Birds.....Hary Burnett
    • Short Story.
  28. The Lap of Time.....Col. M.C. Perceval-Price
    • An old man recalls his boyhood and the times and characters thereof.
  29. Downpatrick.....Edward Parkinson
    • The early history of the "City of Down". (From a paper read before the Down YMCA in 1893)

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