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No. 1

Front Cover: Birds eye view of the old Down County Gaol at the Mall, Downpatrick as it appeared soon after its construction in 1789-1796. The building is now to be restored as the headquarters of the Down Museum.


  1. Lecale.....Albert Colmer
  2. Down Museum.....Brian Turner (Curator)
  3. Captain Robert Gill: 1820-1865.....R.G. Gill
    • A short note on the heroic life and tragic death of an Ardglass Sea Captain.
  4. The Good Old Fishing Days
    • Memories of "the mackerel are in..". Fishing in Ardglass Harbour in the 1920s and early 1930s.
  5. Magnus Barfod - King of Norway.....Albert Colmer
    • The demise of a Viking King in Downpatrick in the early 12th century.
  6. A history of Ballee House.....F.J. Maxwell
    • The story of a house and its occupants in the 17th century.
  7. Down Infirmary.....Malachy McGrady - from a scrapbook
    • Jotting on the development of the Infirmary from its establishment in 1767 to 1908.
  8. The Farmer's Year.....M.E. McCord
  9. The Two Crosses of Down.....Maureen Donnelly
    • The 10th century cross, at the Cathedral, and a modern casting.
  10. Save Our Townlands.....Ithne and Mary Croskery
    • Appeal for the preservtion of an ancient administrative an social unit, under threat from a modern efficiency drive.
  11. A Study of the History of a Townland.....Ithne and Mary Croskery
    • The development of Ballystokes, a townland three miles from Downpatrick.
  12. Remembrance of Things Past.....M.E. McCord
    • A short local story. See alse Issue No 2 - Page 12,
  13. There Was a Goat Rowed in a Boat.....H. Burnette
    • An enterprising goat takes to the waves.
  14. Just a Joke.....P.J. Killen
    • A joke!
  15. Recent Archeological Excavations.....Nick Brannon
    • Report on two excavations; at The Grove and Inch Abbey.
  16. Aynsworth Pilson.....Maurice Cassidy
    • Story of a famous Downpatrick business and his Diary.
  17. The Little Ballroom.....N. Maxwell (aged 14)
    • Verse
  18. Ballyclander Ball.....Alec Millar
    • Poem of an eventfull dance.
  19. Memories.....R.H. Buchanan
    • Of Killough in his youth.
  20. Patrick Denver.....
    • Who gave his name to the Hotel
  21. Ardtole.....Malachy McGrady - from a scrapbook
    • Verse
  22. Tracing my ancestors.....J.C. Napier
    • Personal quest in developing a family tree.
  23. Pleasure Excursion to the Isle of Man.....Dick Gifford
    • Extract from the Down Recorder of 1868 about a pleasure trip to a neighbouring island.
  24. A Short Story of the Man "Wee and Near".....P. J. Killen
  25. The Wards of Castleward.....W.E. Kennedy
    • A short history of a famous local family.
  26. A Tale of the Quoile.....Dick Gifford
    • A short story.
  27. Font Find.....
    • Ancient font found at the Mount and donated to the Museum by Tom Bohill.
  28. Downpatrick: The Southwell Period.....John Magee
    • The impact on Downpatrick of the Southwell Family - absentee landlords - and the importance of their resident agents, first Rev. James Kelly and then the Trotter Family.
  29. Book Reviews.....Albert Colmer
    • Recent publications of local interest.

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